The Handy Owners Club
Because owning a product from The Handy range does not stop once you have made your purchase...

The Handy Owners Club

The Handy Warranty
NEW FOR 2020 We want you to have peace of mind. This is why all Petrol & Electric machines purchased from 1st January 2020 will have a domestic 2-year warranty*. All other products are supplied with a 12 month domestic warranty*. All machines purchased prior to 1st January 2020 have a 12 month domestic warranty*. Registration is not required, just keep your sales receipt as proof of your purchase. (*Not including wear & tear components)
The Handy Spare Parts
We recommend that you only use genuine Handy parts to repair your Handy machine. Using non-genuine parts can be unsafe for you, your machine and it may invalidate your warranty. If you require spare parts please call 01793 333212 or email us below.
The Handy Service and Support
If you are looking for service or support, please try one of our approved dealers.

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