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We pride ourselves on knowing what gardeners want & we have endeavoured to find solutions for them.


The Handy range of garden tools will make your gardening easier and affordable. We think that gardening should be a pleasurable and relaxing pastime, not a chore and the right machines are essential for making light work of your garden tasks.

What ‘The Handy’ brand offers are the right machines for the right price, because we believe that everyone should be able to afford a well-kept garden. We know that these are your top priorities, but beyond that gardeners also want the support that Handy provide with a dedicated customer services team based in the UK with excellent product knowledge and easy access to our machines.

This section of The Handy Range website has been designed to help you select the correct machine for your task.

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RRP £899.99
  • SKU: THPDS65
  • Powered by a Briggs & Stratton XRD950 208cc OHV Engine
  • Single input hopper
  • Self Feed Design
  • Garden waste up to 60mm (2.25in) in diameter
  • 2 Drum Mounted Blades
  • Parallel Twin V Belt Drive
  • Handles & Transport Wheels for easy transportation
  • 25cm (10") Pneumatic Wheels
RRP £239.99
  • SKU: THTLS42
  • 106cm (42in) working width
  • Ideal for leaf & lawn debris collection
  • 25.5cm (10.5in) wheels and brushes
  • Brush to Wheel Ratio - 4.25:1
  • Hopper capacity 365 Litre
  • Easy tip hopper
  • Simple height adjustment
RRP £199.99
  • SKU: THTLS38
  • 96cm (38in) working width
  • Ideal for leaf collection
  • 25cm (10") wheels and brush
  • Easy tip 280 litre hopper
  • Simple height adjustment
RRP £219.99
  • SKU: THMT26
  • 25.4cc 2 Stroke Engine
  • Split Shaft
  • Curved Shaft Linetrimmer - 400mm (16in) Cutting Width
  • Straight Shaft Brushcutter - 254mm (10in) 3 tooth metal blade
  • Adjustable Hedgecutter - 450mm (17in) cutting length double edged blade
  • Pole-Prunner - 254mm (10in) bar with 44 link chain
RRP £139.99
  • 2500 Watt electric motor
  • 45mm maximum branch diameter
  • 40 Litre Collector Capacity
  • 3m cable
  • Removeable leaf hopper
  • Large wheels for easy transportation
  • Supplied with plunger
RRP £139.99
  • Ideal for lawn and leaf collection
  • 25cm (10") wheels and brushes
  • Easy lift out 200 litre hopper
  • Simple height adjustment
RRP £52.99
  • SKU: THEV3000
  • 2 functions: Blows or Vacuums & Shreds
  • 3000 watt variable speed electric motor
  • Mulching ratio 10:1
  • Collection capacity 45 litre
  • Front support wheels
RRP £44.99
  • SKU: THEV2600
  • 2 functions: Blows or Vacuums & Shreds
  • 2600 watt electric motor
  • Mulch ratio 10:1
  • 45 litre collection bag
RRP £24.99
  • Length 100cm (39in)
  • Fits 4in1 2-stroke The Handy THMT26 Petrol Multi Tool
  • To be used with Hedgecutter & Pruner attachments only