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We pride ourselves on knowing what gardeners want & we have endeavoured to find solutions for them.


The Handy range of garden tools will make your gardening easier and affordable. We think that gardening should be a pleasurable and relaxing pastime, not a chore and the right machines are essential for making light work of your garden tasks.

What ‘The Handy’ brand offers are the right machines for the right price, because we believe that everyone should be able to afford a well-kept garden. We know that these are your top priorities, but beyond that gardeners also want the support that Handy provide with a dedicated customer services team based in the UK with excellent product knowledge and easy access to our machines.

This section of The Handy Range website has been designed to help you select the correct machine for your task.

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RRP £14.99
Enhance the manoeuvrability of your The Handy Compactor Plate with this removable wheel-kit! Suitable for both the 30cm (12") THLC29140 & 35cm (14") THLC29142 models.
RRP £19.99
A protective paving-pad for your 30cm (12") THLC29140 Handy Compactor Plate. Avoids damaging the surface of your paving slabs.
RRP £19.99
A damage-preventing paving-pad for your 35cm (14") THLC29142 The Handy Compactor Plate. Prevents damage occuring to your paving slabs.
RRP £219.99
Enjoy contractor performance and build-quality at a DIY price with this powerful electric mixer from Handy! Beefy 550w motor; generous 125-litre load-capacity.
RRP £279.99
Suitable for DIY projects and occasional site-use, the high-quality but affordable THLCVCM Tripod-Stand Mixer boasts a generous 134-litre drum-capacity and comes powered by a super-efficient 375w electric motor.
RRP £319.99
Enjoy a hefty 861kg compaction-force and an extended 90-minute one-tank run-time with this compact and easily manoeuvrable petrol-powered compactor-plate from Handy! It’s driven by a super-efficient 87cc four-stroke engine and can achieve a working-depth of 20cm.
RRP £369.99
Get an amazing three-hour single-tank run-time and enjoy a brutal 1121kg compaction-force with the compact but fastworking 35cm (14") Handy THLC29142 Petrol Compactor-Plate! It’s capable of working down to 25cm and is driven by a seriously powerful but fuel-efficient 163cc four-stroke OHV engine.
RRP £1,699.99
Boasting a hefty 300kg load-capacity and combining a very high-powered 208cc Briggs & Stratton OHV engine with high-traction caterpillar-tracks, this mini transporter from Handy offers excellent productivity and will take challenging terrain in its stride!