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We pride ourselves on knowing what gardeners want & we have endeavoured to find solutions for them.


The Handy range of garden tools will make your gardening easier and affordable. We think that gardening should be a pleasurable and relaxing pastime, not a chore and the right machines are essential for making light work of your garden tasks.

What ‘The Handy’ brand offers are the right machines for the right price, because we believe that everyone should be able to afford a well-kept garden. We know that these are your top priorities, but beyond that gardeners also want the support that Handy provide with a dedicated customer services team based in the UK with excellent product knowledge and easy access to our machines.

This section of The Handy Range website has been designed to help you select the correct machine for your task.

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RRP £24.99
Make the job of chainsaw-based firewood preparation and logging a whole lot easier and safer with the The Handy THBSH Saw Horse!
RRP £24.99
The Handy TH65525 four way wedge will speed up the splitting of your larger logs and to give more manageable log pieces for your wood burner or open fire. The TH66525 fits both 6 Ton, 7 Ton & 8 Ton vertical log splitters.
RRP £24.99
The Handy TH65510 four way wedge will speed up the splitting of your larger logs and to give more manageable log pieces for your wood burner or open fire. The TH65510 fits both 4 Ton & 6 Ton horizontal log splitters.
RRP £39.99
Transport multiple logs the low-effort way with the 100kg-capacity Handy THLC Log Cart!
RRP £69.99
Get through your woodpile quickly and safely with the Handy THDSH Deluxe Saw-Horse!
RRP £39.99
This comfort-enhancing stand from Handy makes using your log-splitter even easier!
RRP £39.99
Make the job of log-splitting even easier with this comfort-enhancing stand from Handy!
RRP £69.99
Combining a saw-horse and chainsaw-support in a single affordable package, the Handy THSHWCS will prove a practical and convenient work-partner for anyone tackling woodcutting tasks on a regular basis.
RRP £79.99
With its beefy 2200w electric motor developing the equivalent of 2.7hp, the powerful but lightweight and easy-handling Handy THECS40 offers superior performance and represents superb value for money. Top-quality features include premium Oregon-brand cutting-gear; straightforward tool-free chain-tensioning; and convenient automatic chain-lubrication. Weighs only 4.89kg.
RRP £249.99
With its high-output 1500w motor, brutal four-ton splitting force and generous 37cm log-length capacity, this hardworking electric log-splitter from Handy excels in terms power, performance and productivity!
RRP £269.99
A fantastic time- and effort-saver, the high-performance Handy THLS-6G Electric Log-Splitter develops an unforgiving six-ton splitting-force and offers a substantial 52cm log-length capacity.
RRP £319.99
With its powerful 2200w motor and aggressive 40-tooth blade, this high-performance electric saw-bench from Handy is a fast and efficient way to process your woodpile! 
RRP £499.99
Developing an impressive seven-ton pressure and combining simplicity of operation with a no-maintenance electric motor, the 3000w Handy THLSV7 is the ideal log-splitter’s mate!
RRP £629.99
Enjoy range-topping power and performance and get the job done comfortably and super-quickly with this 3000 watt eight-ton vertical-type electric log-splitter from Handy!