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We pride ourselves on knowing what gardeners want & we have endeavoured to find solutions for them.


The Handy range of garden tools will make your gardening easier and affordable. We think that gardening should be a pleasurable and relaxing pastime, not a chore and the right machines are essential for making light work of your garden tasks.

What ‘The Handy’ brand offers are the right machines for the right price, because we believe that everyone should be able to afford a well-kept garden. We know that these are your top priorities, but beyond that gardeners also want the support that Handy provide with a dedicated customer services team based in the UK with excellent product knowledge and easy access to our machines.

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RRP £52.99
Equipped with a hugely powerful 3000w motor and supplied with an extra-long 10-metre power-cord, the Handy THEV3000 Electric Blower-Vac is suitable for challenging, large-scale outdoor clear-ups. It incorporates a shredding-system that reduces vacuumed material down to an easy-to-dispose-of mulch; and it features a variable speed-control for enhanced flexibility of use. This model weighs just 4.5kg and comes with a comfort-optimising shoulder-strap.
RRP £59.99
With a fold-up toe-plate and collapsible/height-adjustable handlebars, the Handy THFST Sack-Truck is easy to store and will prove comfortable to use for any operator! It weighs just 12kg unloaded and has a huge 200kg capacity.
RRP £59.99
The Handy Folding Log Splitter is simple to use, splits firewood easily.
RRP £69.99
Enjoy a step-up in productivity smooth-out lumps and bumps over larger areas quickly and efficiently with the 50cm Handy THGR Garden Roller! It’s equipped with a foldable soft-grip handle that makes it comfortable to use and easy to store; and it weighs a mere 13kg unballasted, so it couldn’t be easier to move to and from the shed. Assembly is fast and hassle-free.
RRP £69.99
Combining a saw-horse and chainsaw-support in a single affordable package, the Handy THSHWCS will prove a practical and convenient work-partner for anyone tackling woodcutting tasks on a regular basis.
RRP £69.99
Built for heavy-duty use, this traditionally-designed wheelbarrow from Handy features a weather-proof poly bed and boasts a rugged tubular-steel frame and a huge 90-litre load-capacity!
RRP £69.99
Get through your woodpile quickly and safely with the Handy THDSH Deluxe Saw-Horse!
RRP £79.99
With its beefy 2000w electric motor developing the equivalent of 2.7hp, the powerful but lightweight and easy-handling Handy THECS40 offers superior performance and represents superb value for money. Top-quality features include premium Oregon-brand cutting-gear; straightforward tool-free chain-tensioning; and convenient automatic chain-lubrication. Weighs only 4.89kg.
Easily attachable to your existing power unit, giving you a long reach pruner that is perfect for those out of the way pruning jobs on trees or shrubs.
Simple to attach to your existing power unit, giving you a long reach Hedge Cutter.
RRP £79.99
Tackle gravel-smoothing tasks quickly and efficiently with this fastworking, 122cm tractor-towed drag-mat from Handy!
RRP £84.99
Blending a low-weight build with smooth-rolling pneumatic tyres and an expansive 3.66m spread-width (max.), this easy to use broadcast spreader from Handy is a comfortable and highly productive way to apply your chosen spread-medium! It weighs just 10.3kg and has a substantial 23kg hopper-capacity. Hopper-cover and screen included.
RRP £89.99
Bring life and colour back to a large lawn-area quickly and efficiently with the fastworking 102cm Handy Towed Dethatcher!
RRP £89.99
Extendable up to 2.25-metres, this powerful 500w telescopic electric hedgetrimmer from Handy is a practical and convenient way to tackle hedges that would otherwise be out of reach. A lengthy 50cm double-sided blade-set ensures excellent productivity; while an impressively lightweight build means any gardener will find it easy to wield (weighs just 5.5kg).
RRP £84.99
Solve your yard & garden transportation problems with the compact and highly manoeuvrable Handy THGT Garden Trolley!
RRP £89.99
With its powerful 800w motor driving a series of four sharp-tipped steel rotors giving a 30cm working-width, this lightweight and easy-handling electric tiller from Handy will make the life of the home veg-grower a whole lot easier!
RRP £94.99
A fast, low-effort way to apply your chosen spread-medium over a substantial area, the Handy THS80 Broadcast Spreader combines a sizeable 3.66m maximum spread-width with a lightweight design and smooth-running pneumatic tyres. It has a substantial 36kg hopper capacity and weighs only 12.3kg. Hopper-screen and cover included.
RRP £99.99
Hook-up this towed broadcast-spreader to your garden-tractor and apply your chosen spread-medium over a large area quickly and efficiently with the 36kg Handy THTS!
RRP £119.99
Featuring robust metal gearing and combining a spacious 32kg-capacity hopper with an impressive 3.66m spread-width (max.), this heavy-duty broadcast spreader from Handy excels in terms of durability and large-area work-rate. Attractive features include a comfortable T-bar handlebar; stability-optimising pneumatic tyres; and a flexibility-enhancing adjustable feed-control. Weighs-in at just 10.9kg.
RRP £109.99
This high-performance 500w electric long-reach hedgetrimmer from Handy extends up to 2.34-metres, so you’ll be able to leave your ladders in the shed when tackling those high hedge-tops. A 150-degree articulating cutter-head ensures you’ll be able to achieve the most ergonomic working-position; while sizeable 38cm-long double-sided blades confer excellent productivity.
RRP £129.99
Now cleaning has just got a whole lot easier with this versatile 2in1 Pressure Washer/ Wet & Dry vacuum from The Handy.
RRP £119.99
A versatile, value-for-money package, this two-in-one electric scarifier/lawn-rake from Handy will enable you to keep your lawn in tip-top condition throughout the year! A capacious 39-litre debris-bag and sizeable 32cm working-width ensure a rapid work-rate; while a single-lever height adjuster makes it quick and easy to select the most effective position. This 1300w model weighs only 12.5kg.
RRP £119.99
The attractively-priced Handy THPDC Garden-Trolley features a corrosion-resistant poly body and offers easy manoeuvrability thanks to its turntable steering and sizeable pneumatic tyres. It boasts a generous 200kg capacity and features a convenient tipping-system.
RRP £129.99
Enjoy a huge 350kg load-capacity, rugged build-quality and easy manoeuvrability with the Handy THLGT Large Garden-Trolley! It can be pushed, pulled or tractor-towed; and it features drop-down sides for ease of use.