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We pride ourselves on knowing what gardeners want & we have endeavoured to find solutions for them.


The Handy range of garden tools will make your gardening easier and affordable. We think that gardening should be a pleasurable and relaxing pastime, not a chore and the right machines are essential for making light work of your garden tasks.

What ‘The Handy’ brand offers are the right machines for the right price, because we believe that everyone should be able to afford a well-kept garden. We know that these are your top priorities, but beyond that gardeners also want the support that Handy provide with a dedicated customer services team based in the UK with excellent product knowledge and easy access to our machines.

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RRP £129.99
Enjoy a huge 350kg load-capacity, rugged build-quality and easy manoeuvrability with the Handy THLGT Large Garden-Trolley! It can be pushed, pulled or tractor-towed; and it features drop-down sides for ease of use.
RRP £139.99
Combining a substantial 66cm working-width with a hugely roomy 200-litre collector, this practical and convenient push-type sweeper from Handy will make tackling the autumn leaf-deluge a breeze! Features include height-adjustment for multi-surface use; and large 25cm-diameter wheels for excellent traction. Weighs only 16.8kg.
RRP £129.99
Offering straightforward foot-pedal operation and boasting a ram return-time of just six seconds, this manual log-splitter from Handy is a simple and highly productive way to get through that woodpile! It produces a massive eight-ton splitting-force and benefits from an adjustable splitting-beam.
RRP £139.99
Boasting a seriously powerful 2500w motor and employing an unforgiving impact-type cutting-system, this high-performance electric shredder from Handy is a fast and efficient way to process your garden-debris! Collection-box included.
RRP £149.99
Enjoy the powerful performance provided by a 1400w electric motor and the superior productivity conferred by a sizeable 43cm working-width with the Handy THET1400 Electric Tiller! Desirable features include removable rotors for enhanced flexibility of use; hardened-steel tines for durability; and transport-wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Weighs just 15kg.
RRP £139.99
With its very high-performance 46cc engine and substantial 45cm guide-bar, this top-of-the-line petrol chainsaw from Handy offers extra power and is capable of handling larger cuts. Soft Start technology works with an electronic ignition to make to starting process hassle-free; while Handy’s provision of premium Oregon-brand cutting-gear confers excellent cutting-capability. The affordable Handy THPCS18 benefits from effective vibration-damping and weighs only 9kg.
RRP £219.99
Comprising a power-unit, grass-trimmer, brushcutter, hedgetrimmer and pole-pruner, the Handy MT26 4-in-1 Petrol Multi-Tool offers the ultimate in gardening convenience and represents fantastic value for money! A high-capacity 26cc engine provides ample power for every attachment; while an ergonomic ‘loop-and-bar’ handle confers superior control and manoeuvrability.
RRP £149.99
Make the most of your garden-tractor and transport heavy and/or bulky loads around your yard and garden the easy way with this high-quality but affordable towed tipping-trailer from Handy! It has a substantial 225kg capacity and is supplied with a universal hitch-pin.
RRP £149.99
Achieve a super-smooth lawn and enjoy superb large-area productivity with the tractor-towed Handy THTGR Garden Roller!
The Handy Multi-Cutter offers you 4 tools in 1, it comes equipped with a powerful 26cc full crank 2 stroke engine and offers excellent value for money.
RRP £159.99
With its huge 57kg hopper-capacity and expansive 3.66m spread-width, the fast-working Handy THS125 Broadcast Spreader offers range-topping productivity-levels! Its robust metal transmission and a tubular-steel frame combine to confer fantastic durability; while its low-weight build (20kg) and substantial pneumatic tyres work to make it easy to push for gardeners of any age or build.
RRP £169.99
Of heavy-duty design and combining a huge 57kg hopper-capacity with an expansive 3.66m working-width, this highly productive push-type broadcast spreader from Handy is guaranteed to impress in terms of both durability and large-area work-rate! Desirable features include a hopper-cover for successful wet-weather operation; and large pneumatic tyres for a comfortable run over difficult terrain. Weighs 17.5kg.
RRP £179.99
It might be our lightest push-type salt-spreader, but the domestic-use Handy THSS80 nevertheless offers the same rugged build-quality as our larger machines! It boasts a generous 36kg capacity and offers an expansive 3.66m maximum spread-width.
RRP £179.99
The Handy THTPDC features an impact- and corrosion-resistant poly body and can be converted from push to tow by simply unfolding the hitch bar. It’s capable of holding a huge 295kg and weighs just 28.6kg when empty.
RRP £199.99
This impressively productive tractor-towed leaf-sweeper from Handy blends an immensely capacious 200-litre collector with an extra-wide 97cm working-width to enable it to cover the very largest areas with speed and efficiency. Working-height adjustment confers multi-surface versatility; while large-diameter wheels provide superior traction. Suitable for use with most makes and models of lawn & garden tractor.
RRP £219.99
Equipped with a large-displacement 43cc two-stroke engine and boasting a compact 30cm working-width, this top-quality petrol mini-tiller from Handy offers the perfect compromise between power and manoeuvrability. Its low-weight build and fingertip control ensure it excels in terms of handling; while Handy’s provision of transport-wheels and a folding handlebar make it simple to move and store. The Handy THPMT weighs-in at only 15kg.
RRP £179.99
Get fantastic versatility, rock-solid build-quality and an impressive load-capacity with this multi-purpose garden-cart from Handy! It holds up to 300kg and features drop-down sides and a tipping-mechanism for straightforward loading and unloading.
RRP £219.99
Enjoy contractor performance and build-quality at a DIY price with this powerful electric mixer from Handy! Beefy 550w motor; generous 125-litre load-capacity.
RRP £219.99
With its high-output 1500w motor, brutal four-ton splitting force and generous 37cm log-length capacity, this hardworking electric log-splitter from Handy excels in terms power, performance and productivity!
RRP £209.99
With its high-performance 2500w motor, 45-litre mulch-box and low-noise cutting-gear, this powerful electric shredder from Handy is a practical and convenient way to process your garden-waste without annoying your neighbours! It’s suitable for both green and woody material and benefits from a productivity-maximising self-feed system. Weighs just 26.1kg.
RRP £249.99
A fantastic time- and effort-saver, the high-performance Handy THLS-6 Electric Log-Splitter develops an unforgiving six-ton splitting-force and offers a substantial 52cm log-length capacity.
RRP £219.99
Enjoy an even faster large-area work-rate with this 45kg-capacity salt-spreader from Handy! It delivers an expansive 3.66m spread-width (max.) and features a reinforced transmission that enables it to handle the extra demands on performance.
RRP £269.99
Get rid of your axe as well as all the aches and strains from splitting logs, let the Handy Log Splitter do the hard work at waist height with this very useful stand.